Saturday, 22 November 2014

3 Travel Sites that Make Planning a Vacation Awesome!

The internet has provided us with awesome resources which streamline everyday life. It’s no wonder that we turn to the online web when we have questions about almost every topic. Searching for deals, information and support is easier now and the old practice of using a travel agent is pretty much obsolete. Many people who take several vacations a year can book something incredible online from  , all from the comfort of their own home. There are those that have experience and others who have not yet taken full advantage of the online revolution.

If your planning a vacation soon, it’s important to use the following awesome sites to help you out. These websites streamline the planning, support and organize all the information you need before travelling. These sites not only provide the information you need but make planning a vacation fun!


Perfect for planning a vacation and streamlines the entire flow of information. For example, once you arrive on the website all you have to do is type in your destination. The website will generate everything you would find resourceful about your destination. You’ll find information on activities, restaurants, places to go and stay. You’ll even find a community of people who have been to the location who you can interact with finding the information most resourceful. Register for an account and get started so you can learn everything you need to before boarding your flight.
The only problem with this site is that compatibility with mobile phones can be a problem since the early version was for Apple products. Since then they have made major changes to the interface.


This website is right to the point providing you the information you need. When you search for a flight, you’ll find the information your looking for and nothing else. It streamlines the packages search by providing a step-by-step approach to planning the perfect vacation. Once you enter a location, you’ll be given several options related to your inquiry and can systematically choose what works for you. You can choose accommodations, restaurants, activities, flights and even rentals.
This website has a free community you can join and post questions. It’s so popular that you’ll have an answer within a few minutes to a maximum day. The only downside of this website is that the amount of people searching on it can slow down response time.


This website is one of the best ways to organize information and arrange your travel plans without worrying about irrelevant information. This website is great to keep travel plans in one place so you can find them exactly when you need them. Travellers simply forward all travel arrangements to Tripit and it automatically creates master itineraries with travel plans and other critical information.

It’s a fun way to organize information and you can even search, ask, view travel destinations for the ultimate vacation. This website is compatible through an app with mobile phones so simply upload your travel arrangements through your mobile phone. When close to a PC, you can print whatever documents you deem necessary. 

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